My Name is Venus Kent (aka Sista Girl with Skills) and this is my first flip.

This 1890 shotgun Victorian (I have no idea the style) needs some love. It has sat empty since 2010. Previous owner butchered/gutted it to create what he had planned to be a 4-bedroom (at closing he told me he wired the 3rd floor to accommodate a 5th bedroom), 2 bathroom house, but stopped work in 2014. I don’t share that vision.

One of the full bathrooms he placed on the 1st floor, reducing the size of kitchen. The bump out you see on the rear of the house I assume was built when indoor toilets were made available, it houses a waste line for what was once a toilet room. He was leaving that and created a full 3-piece bathroom. I’m removing the bump out as it’s not framed correctly and closing off the back wall. I will create a powder room on the first floor instead and expand the footprint of the kitchen. I will return the window that had been covered with siding (it seems he had planned to do the same). What is the middle bedroom on the 2nd floor I will convert to the master bathroom and 2nd floor laundry closet, leaving only 2 bedrooms on the 2nd floor. The existing roughed-in bathroom on 2nd floor will remain to service the remaining 2nd floor and 3rd floor bedrooms. When I’m done it will be a 3-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom house.

I was hoping to restore the exterior to its original wood siding, but have discovered that underneath the vinyl siding is a layer of asphalt siding. My budget, nor the neighborhood, can justify the expense to remove. I will remove the yellow vinyl siding in order to restore all the windows to their original heights. At some point in the house’s life the original wood windows (except for two in front) were removed and shorter aluminum windows installed.

Purchase Price: $75,000. Timeline: Nine Months

As with my house, I will chart this journey on my blog. Come along for what is sure to be a wild ride!