STN_6531I’m a born and raised native of Cincinnati.  I am now a proud resident in the City of Cincinnati after selling my childhood home in Forest Park in November of 2019.  Despite growing up in the suburbs, I am very attached and connected to the city.  I went to elementary school at Sands Elementary, long before it was Montessori, and spent the bulk of my work career in downtown Cincinnati.  In 2016 I left the safety of a paycheck and benefits to become an Independent 3rd Party Planner and Marketing Consultant, forming JTK Consultants, LLC, servicing clients in the meetings, events, and tourism industries.

I am thrilled and excited to call Camp Washington my home.  I started the journey to restore my 1924 Cape Cod style house in October 2017 and officially completed the house restoration in October 2020, Phase 1.  This was my first house purchase and I wanted a fixer upper, but admit it was a greater undertaking than I imagined.  I wrote 213 post over the course of restoring the house that received over 65,000 views from people in 68 different countries.  Phase 2 is the building of a detached two-car garage with 1-bedroom apartment above it.   I will continue to post about projects I undertake as Sista Girl with Skills was birthed as a result of the restoration.  I’ve developed a love for woodworking.  This blog was created to chart the journey of restoring a house, but now will chart the journey of a fifty-something that has discovered a love of working with her hands.