Cord Will Stay Cut

A few years ago I cut the cable cord for SlingTV via Amazon Fire TV/Stick.  My cable bill went from $170s to $40 just for Internet service.  The only negative to this process at my current house is I had to buy rabbit ears (antennas) for each TV and even with them local channel service is dicey.  I have friends that live in downtown Cincinnati, closer to the TV towers, that have no issues with local channels, so I was eager to see if reception would be good at my new house.

Thanks to my father’s research I will have a kick-ass communication/entertainment system controllable via a media panel in my master bedroom.  I’ll have a Leviton Home Networking PanelRouter, and Giga Switch controlling my Internet, both hard-wired and wireless in every room of house.  A Leviton Hi-Fi 2, 4-zone will control audio components.  Via the networking panel I can connect a source for TV watching that will feed to all the TVs throughout the house.  That source could be cable or a digital antenna.

20180704_171747The negative of having an antenna on each TV will be eliminated as I have installed a Clearstream 2Max TV Antenna in my attic space.  It has a 60+ mile range.  I will be some time before I can test the connections in each room, but if the direct connect to a TV is any indication, my local reception is going to be awesome.