56-year Battle With Spring Allergies OVER

I have suffered with spring allergies since I was 3 months old, January baby. My doctors always hoped I’d outgrow it, but it was bad when I was an infant and young child. My skin would break out in severe eczema. The mucous from my eyes formed so heavily over night that my eyes would be stuck shut until my mother used hot compresses to remove the dried, caked mucous. My eyes stayed blood shot red and they felt as if someone had poured sand it them they were so gritty. The congestion in my nose was as severe making it hard to breath. I was considered asthmatic as a child. I was placed on high doses of predisone and eye ointment to get through the season. The dose of predisone had to be gradually reduced as the symptoms subsided, I was never allowed to stop it cold turkey, so I was on the drug approximately 3 months of the year.

The ointment turned to drops, but the prednisone routine lasted until I reached my mid-30s when I decided to go to an allergist to find out exactly what I was allergic to, pollen wasn’t enough of a descriptor for me. Well it should have been as I’m allergic to just about everything blooming in the spring, but I did find out my worst allergen are Elm trees, which sucked given I had two giant ones at my childhood home. I started taking allergy shots, once a week, for the next 9 months. I was ready for my first allergy free season that spring and that did not happen. I had the worst season of my adult life. It was so bad that not only did I take prednisone, but I was given a steroid shot to obtain immediate relief. To add insult to injury I lost the ability to eat fresh fruits like apples, pears, peaches, plums, nectarines, and cherries. Eating them made my gums feel like someone was taking scraping a wire brush across them. I stopped the shots.

I started going to a new general practitioner who put me on Loratadine (now Claritin OTC), Azelastine HCI and Fluticasone Propionate (now Flonase OTC, but I still get prescription as I think its better) nasal sprays, and Naphazoline hydrochloride and pheniramine maleate drops (now Naphcon A OTC). I still suffered with red, itchy, swollen eyes that I would treat with ice packs in the morning and a runny, congested nose, but hey I was off prednisone. This was my routine for the last 15 or so years, but about 10 years someone told me about the medicinal properties of ingesting locally sourced honey and I tried it. I saw a huge improvement, especially with the redness in my eyes, but not enough to stop the drug cocktail.

I had to give that background as the last 10 days of my allergy life has been miraculous. I was contacted by a friend’s husband, Al, about an opportunity to become a distributor for the Vollara line of air and surface purifiers. He knew my career industry, hospitality, had been hit hard by Covid-19 and that I was looking for new revenue streams as I wait for my clients to return to meeting. I read his literature, watched some videos and was intrigued. I had cut my grass for the first time about three weeks prior and the sleeve of my shirt was soaking wet from the constant wiping of my nose and eyes. I knew it was time to get my nasal sprays refilled and restock my eyedrops and pills. For years I would take my Claritin at bedtime to reduce the overnight inflammation, so literally the day before he called I had purchased a bottle of Xyzal from Sam’s Club. I decided to try it because their TV commercial said you should take it at night. I had taken one pill from the bottle.  I told him I was going to try the FreshAir Personal unit and do an experiment on myself.  I stopped taking the Xyzal and did not purchase or take anything else during the three days it took to receive the device.  When it came, I charged it overnight.

The next day I put it on to cut the grass.  Unbelievable, my eyes never watered and my nose did not run.  I kept it on anytime I was outside and even in my car while driving.  The next morning my eyes had their normal early spring itch and I was a little stuffy.  I had early errands to run, so I put it on while I was getting ready and noticed that within about 15 minutes the stuffiness in my nose was gone and my eyes didn’t itch.  At that point I decided to wear it all day, inside and out.  I only took it off at night.  I have no symptoms that warrant the use of the nasal sprays or pill.  I did use the Pataday drops when I found myself rubbing my eyes.  I blame the dark circles under my eyes on my allergies.  The years of watery eyes and rubbing made the skin underneath raw and it scarred, so that was a preventive measure to not rub.

Day four I decided to order the Air & Surface Pro unit for my home.  24 hours after running it on its highest speed and purity level 2 I woke up with no stuffiness and no itchy eyes.  I am stunned, amazed.  As if the first 10 days wasn’t validation enough Friday I worked a catering job, a wedding rehearsal dinner, that was outside under a tent in a very wooded sub division in Liberty Township. I was outside from 4 – 10:30p and not one tear drop or nose sniffle. I am a true believer in the power of the ionization and ActivePure technology behind these products.  ActivePure® (originally called Radiant Catalytic Ionization (RCI)) is a proprietary air and surface purification technology recognized worldwide as NASA Certified Space Technology by the Space Foundation; inducted into its Hall of Fame in 2017.  It reduces up to 99% of airborne and surface contaminants such as mold, fungi, germs, viruses, VOCs and odors without ozone.  Who knew space technology was all a girl needed to be free of allergies and why didn’t someone tell me about it 56 years ago.

If you’d like to see videos on the product and technology behind it check out the bottom of the JTK Consultants tab from my home page. Even once my allergies are over and the mask mandate is lifted my FreshAir Personal will be worn around my neck to provide me with a personal shield of defense from the next toxin out there seeking to do harm.  My Air & Surface Pro will run 24/7/365 in my home. They also make a FreshAir Mobile unit that I plan to purchase when it is off backorder to take with me when I travel. It has the same ActivePure technology of the Air & Surface Pro and can cleanse up to 500 sf. Perfect for a normal size hotel room.  We are constantly hearing we should listen to the scientist when it comes to Covid-19. Well Dr. Deborah Birx, former White House Coronavirus Coordinator, has joined ActivePure Technologies as chief medical and scientific advisor and she is firmly behind the product. There are a couple of videos with her sharing her view on the technology on my JTK Consultants page also.

If you live in the Cincinnati area and are interested in any of the three products, I am stocking them. Get it direct from me to save tax and shipping. Email: jtkconsultantsllc@outlook.com. Mobile unit on backorder until Mary 17.