It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood,
A beautiful day for a neighbor,
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?



Inside my small entry foyer is a bench and today I had a childhood flashback as I sat on the bench to change into my work shoes and coverall which are stored in the closet on the opposite side.  I felt like Mr. Rogers (folks of my generation will get the reference, youngins Google it).

During my days of contemplation I picked a sunny day and drove around taking pictures of homes near my house.  I was told by Joe Gorman that my house is the only Cape Cod styled house in all of Camp Washington.  It definitely stands out in its uniqueness.  Check out this video I made – Ms. Kent’s Future Neighborhood.

Monday was a very productive work day.  I met Kevin with Gregory Forestt Lester Tree Removal Service and got a great quote to remove 15 trees out of my backyard.  People have reacted so negatively when they hear I’m cutting down almost every tree in the back yard, but it’s a necessity in order to build the garage.  Also most are weeds that were ignored and now have become ugly, scaggely trees that were allowed to grow out of control.  Many have grown into the chain link fence on the side and back yard and are covered in poison ivy.  Plus the dense shade in the back has created a mosquito breeding ground.  The first time I went in the backyard I came out with a dozen or more bites.  There are five walnut trees that drop huge nuts making the backyard a hot mess and not dog friendly.  Yeah, the trees need to go.  I am going to try and harvest the walnut tree wood for some DIY projects in the house.

I spent the rest of the day removing trim moulding out of the dining room and kitchen.  As I await the architect drawings that I need to request permits, I plan to use the time to carefully remove all the floor and door mouldings before official demo begins, so they can be re-installed.  So far I have not broken any piece that I was not able to fix with wood glue and my pin nailer gun.  The dining room is now ready for demo although I could not resist knocking through the wall that will eventually be removed to create the open concept kitchen/dining room.


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