I live on #HGTV and #DIYNetwork.  #RehabAddict is one of my favorite shows and I feel like @NicoleCurtis and I could be sisters from another mother.  It blows my mind the contractors that come in my house and talk about short cuts or throwing out some of the coolest features of this house just because they are old.  You can’t recapture the craftsmanship that was done back in the day.  Case in point my light fixtures.  The house was pretty much ransacked and stripped of any metal deemed valuable.  However about a dozen of the light fixtures were still in place (or the base in the case of the dining room chandelier and door entry light).  All were covered in cobwebs, soot, and layers of paint (which is probably why they were left behind).

Nicole always shares how she removes paint off her home’s hardware by cooking them in a crockpot of water.  Also, with the new season of #SalvageDawgs (another favorite show) @RobertKulp has a commercial that talks about the same topic.  He takes Nicole’s tip one step further by transferring the hot item into cold water.  The sudden change in temp causes the paint to just crack off.  I tried this today.  To my surprise, surprise, surprise the process revealed the most beautiful gold finish.  By no means is gold going to become a main fixture color in my house, but these six fixtures will be prominently displayed for all to see (assuming I can get them rewired).  Check out these before and afters.

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