20171028_161540.jpgOne of my clients (who I now consider a friend) is very spiritual and as I shared some of my contractor stories she said I’m going to pray that the right workers are brought to you.  I believe her prayer manifested in the form of my cousin Cameron.  Cameron does demo work, but was recently laid-off his job.  His mis-fortune became my fortune.  This weekend was official #demoday and the work Cameron, along with two of his friends (co-workers also laid off) and his younger brother Greg pulled off this weekend is beyond incredible.  They filled a 40 yard dumpster, freed for reglazing a monster cast iron tub (had to give hi fives on that feat), and cleared out all the water lines from the old boiler heating system.  We only got through half the house, so more photos and hopefully a Quik video are forthcoming.

Another blessing came today from a long time friend via a morning text that read:
Good Morning Venus.  That small voice that speaks to me and some times I question it but have learned to follow what it is saying and the results are always, and I mean always, wonderful said I am supposed to give you $1000 on your renovation.  Please let me know the best way to get you the money.

Blown away!  That covers a second dumpster and funds to pay my awesome crew.

Thank you!


  1. That’s great that the guys came to help you. We don’t know what kind of talent is on the family.

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