Fortunately for me the majority of the doors inside the house are in good-great shape, with knobs (all but two) and I will be able to reuse them.  I only need to replace two, one bedroom door and the entry closet.  Both are damaged beyond repair.  However, I am creating a master bathroom water closet, laundry room and walk-in closet that need doors.  Trying to find doors that will match the existing doors I thought would be a very hard task, but thanks to Building Value, located on Spring Grove Avenue very close to my house, I’ve been able to find them all, except one (I’ll keep looking for the bedroom door).  @NicoleCurtisRehabAddict and @JoannaStevensGaines should be proud to know their use of vintage/salvage stores on their shows inspired me to do the same.

20171119_143506I finally caved in on trying to make them all match, but at least the doors in the same room will and all the upstairs doors have the same color finish.  I’ve definitely created more work for myself as vintage/used doors don’t come with door jams, mortises, knobs, and hinges.  I really need to find a carpenter as David Daniels, manager of Building Value has told me any good carpenter can reverse a swing and build a jam.  Don’t pass up on a sound door because it’s not oriented in the right direction.  Fortunately for me I’m only going to need to build one jam in its entirity.  Due to the removal of a wall and three doors that were missing and not being reinstalled, I THANKFULLY preserved the jams.  One is an exact fit for the laundry room door and the others can be easily trimmed to fit.   I just need to reconfigure the hinges and luck up on finding mortise locks, faceplates and knobs, which thanks to Ebay may not be as hard as I thought.

20171119_143938The one door is due to my decision to raise the height of the opening leading upstairs to my master suite.  I’ve hit my head 3 times coming down the steps.  While I have no play in the width (30″), I could increase the opening up to 110″ from the current 79″.  I found this 30″ x 87″ door.  It will be the only odd door on the first floor, but having the extra 8″ inches is worth it to me.  I may just have to do something funky in my design and really make it stand out (funky = it may be the only painted door).

This decision also freed up the original door to replace the entry closet (once I find a carpenter to reverse the swing).

I just need a 32″x80ish” vertical two panel door for the bedroom, so give me a shout out if you come across one.

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