As promised Randy Wipert of Woodwright’s Portable Saw Mill and White Dove Originals Hardwood Furniture and Artistic Designs, came out to my house and picked up the walnut tree logs that were left at my request.  It will be about 8 weeks before he will have them cut into slabs and another 3 months before they are dried enough to turn into something.  Perhaps by spring I’ll have some wood to create my dining room table, which I’m hopeful Randy will help me make.

Several months ago I lucked up on these cast iron table legs.  I had just started my home search and thought immediately how cool it would be to make my own table.  The curves on the legs scream for a round or curved table top.  Making a table from the wood that came from my yard would be so cool.  I really hope this one vision for this project comes to fruition.



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