Now that I have a plan of action for restoring the doors, I was anxious to put the hardware back on the one completed door.  I assumed with dark brown doors the mortice lock plate was bronze or some other dark metal.  NOT!   A few wipes with metal cleaner revealed gold/brass finish, so the wipes turned into scrubs.

I don’t think anything about this project is going to be simple and quick.  I was fearful to soak the lock or the glass door knob in any type of solution (thought about the vinegar method) for fear of damaging either.  I used Amway’s Metal Cleaner and Brasso.  Both worked about the same; both needed a steel brush scrub to get to the finish line.  I may try Tarn X.  One of my new, favorite, HGTV shows, Bargain Mansions, talked about a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice to remove tarnish.  I had neither in my house, but I may try that too.

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