I really like the idea of supporting my neighborhood businesses and Camp Washington is jammed packed with great ones.  I dine frequently at Camp Washington Chili, over 75 years of chili goodness, but I love their egg salad, turkey melts, and breakfast sandwiches (bacon or sausage with fried egg).  They are also my remote bathroom of choice until my plumbing is installed.  Camp Washington Hardware has bailed me out frequently with bolts and drill bits.  They even allowed me to do a little bartering by buying my huge overage of 6d nails in exchange for the paint, pan, and roller to coat the underside of the 1st floor bathtub.

I selected Baker, Bauer, & Fish Heating and Cooling, located within a mile of my house to install my HVAC system. Tom Baker has been great to work with and he and his crew have been braving the cold to get the ducts run from my future master suite to the basement.  Running ducts needed to get done before my plumber and electrician could get started.  Progress may seem like it’s going slow, but I can see the finish line and know that once the electric and plumbing rough-in is complete things are going to fly.  I can’t wait until next winter to experience gas heating.


  1. Allot of great pictures here showing a great heating layout. You should be nice and comfy year around.

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