With the Master closet door under our belts, Cameron and I tackled the 1st floor bath pocket door.  The only challenge or extra step in this installation process would be cutting the kit, designed for a 30″ door, down to the size of my door, which is only 26″ wide.  Piece of Cake!  I highly recommend Johnson Hardware Co. pocket door installation kits.  Their online videos take you step by step through the process.

The door will slide into the side wall of my office closet, so as I did upstairs I will need to build a wall in front of it, so that the clothes rod can be installed without fear of screws reaching the pocket cavity.  The only thing bad about that is it’s costing me about 9″ in that closet.

In addition to the pocket door frame install we got the floor and wall in the back of the 1st floor linen closet installed , the window wall furred out, and got the last of the old pipes and old water heater out of the basement.  We placed the scrap metal and water heater on the curb in hopes that scrapers will come and take it.  I should have taken a picture of the pile at the curb, but the items were gone the next time I went back as expected.  All in all a very productive weekend.


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