I’m still waiting on the invoice from the Advantage Group for their structural engineer report, but the fix to the notched joist was about 12 hours of hard labor and $500-700.  Joist RepairSteve Harm developed the plan for me to sister one 2×2 and two 2×4, 4′ long studs to the each joist that had been notched attached with 1/4″x3″ Simpson SDS bolts.  In the draft drawing he showed 2x4s and 2x6s, so I had to ask for clarification.

Steve’s response, written like a true engineer, “Flexural strength of a member is function of depth squared.  Thus, 2×4 is 3.5 inch deep so 3.5*3.5=12.25 and 2×6 is 5.5 inch deep so 5.5*5.5=30.25 so 2×6 is more than twice as strong as 2×4 in flexure.    If we go deeper might be able to use less boards, but I figured you didn’t want move anything that’s why the detail currently uses 2×4, but thought I should mention the 2x6s just in case.”  HUH????

Bottom line I sandwiched each joist with 2x4s, which meant using more wood and 24 bolts per joist.  The wood was cheap, the bolts not so much.  Because of the PVC pipe that was already attached to my master toilet flange, which needed to stay sloping away from the toilet I didn’t have space to fit a 2×6.  If I had I could have gotten by with one board and only 16 bolts per joist.

20180612_171852I had to move the exhaust fan because it was in the way of the 4′ studs that had to be centered at each notch.  Thankfully that was the only wiring impacted by the repair.  I had to move it back about 2 feet making the wires that were already attached too short.  Fortunately I had enough wire left over, so I didn’t have to buy more.

I handled 98% of this repair myself.  It really was a one person job, but since my father was at the house I had him drill the holes in the new wood.  The report required this to ensure the wood wouldn’t split when the bolts were attached.  That allowed me to get some more “sista girl with skills” action shots, although they aren’t very flattering.  If you can’t tell, I’ve lost about 20 lbs since I started this project.  I call my new workout routine “democise”.

For the most part this was an easy repair.  My impact driver made quick work of most of the bolts.

In addition to purchasing the wood and bolts, I bought a ratchet wrench set as I anticipated my JobMax and impact driver my not fit in all areas.  Boy was I right.  Of the 192 bolts I had to install, about 16 of them ended up in crevices too tight for my power tools.  It meant taking the ratchet wrench and installing by hand.20180624_131738

Just when I didn’t think I could get more sore on a task, something new tested my resolve.  I wore long sleeves and gloves (off while I was taking the selfies), but my wrist and arms got ate up with scratchs.  I didn’t leave the house until midnight that night as I was bound and determined to get this project done, so I could get the inspection rescheduled for Monday, June 26th.


About two months ago I, pre-maturely held a Bless this House gathering as I thought I was days away from drywall (boy was I wrong).  However, as with the Venus Rocks message I found on a hot day of pulling wire, while doing this project I came across two messages written on the wall studs just beneath where I was working that just gave me fuel to reach the finish line.  Thanks to whomever contributed these.

Now I am truly days away from drywall.  I have a few more insulation and blocking task to complete this week, but the drywall crew starts on July 5.  Yes I said crew; I will not be taking on this task.  Messages can still be added to interior studs, so if you want to stop by to add some words yourself or would like to send me something to add, you’ve got about a week to do so.


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  1. You continue to amaze me. Here’s a quote that I like: ” The more I know, the more I know I don’t know.”

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