Natural light brightens a space and today the installation of the upstairs windows was finally happening.  What a difference it makes having natural light shine on the steps leading to upstairs.  Thanks to a great referral from my electrician, Paul McGhee, I contracted Donald Jackson to install the windows for upstairs.  When he came out to size up the the job he let me know that my 1st floor windows were Earthwise windows and that Tri-State Building Supply carried them.  Tri-State is located in downtown Cincinnati and I only wish I had gone with their windows from the beginning.  They look better and sturdier than the Earthwise obtained from American Window Co and installed by John Guilfoyle, a company and installer I would not recommend.

My friend Joan gave me another day of her time and she tackled putting primer paint in the master bath, laundry and closet.  Unbelieveably the upstairs is very close to being move-in ready.  If I have the floors restored I could move into the upstairs if my house sells fast, so getting the final colors on the walls may get pushed ahead of finishing the priming downstairs.

A few months ago I was asked to join the Camp Washington Board and I offered to host the August meeting at my house.  Of course I thought I’d be much further along by now.  I wanted the first floor bath functional for the meeting, so while Joan worked upstairs, I worked on the first floor bath in hopes I could get it finished.  Clearly that was not going to happen, so another board member, Mark DeJong, hosted at his house, the very popular Swing House.

I’ll host the October meeting, but in my gallant attempt to get the bathroom finished I was able to put the final coat of paint on the walls and if I much say so, the Sherwin Williams, Incredible White, looks awesome.  I also installed the exhaust light/fan, vanity light, and put the first coat of RedGard on the walls in preparation for the tile work.  I still need to apply the semi-gloss sheen on the trim, which I’ll do once I apply the second coat of RedGard.  As with the master I have purchased all the fixtures, so it’s just a matter of getting them installed to complete this room, minus the tub reglazing.  Unfortunately Oct 4 is the earliest appointment I could get.  I am using Miracle Method, who reglazed my tub in Forest Park.  I’m open to using another company that could complete sooner, IF, I can get a strong referral.  Shoot me an email if you have one to recommend.


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