You haven’t seen many updates primarily because I had to travel for work and I’ve been focused on de-cluttering my current house in order to get it listed in September.  However that has not stopped progress on my house.  The old adage that its not the “quantity” of friends you have, but the “quality” reigns supreme with me as my friend Joan took two of her afternoons to apply primer paint in my master suite while I was traveling for work.  I just need to paint the ceiling and storage closets and this floor is ready for final color.

I’ve decided if my house sells fast I’m going to move into a work in progress; no #FixerUpper reveal for me.  With two dogs in tow my options are limited as to where I could go, so its critical that I get a room completely finished and it makes sense to me that my Master SWEEEET be the spot.  With the exception of the walk-in shower I have every item needed to make this room live-in-able.  In addition to Joan’s contributions I had my carpenter back to complete the trim and set the salvage doors I purchased in the master bath.

Quality work again, but I actually discovered something he didn’t know and I did.  Both salvage doors had to have their swing reversed, which meant the latch bolt in the mortise lock was turned backwards; flat side hitting strike plate.  Fixing this was as simple as turning a screw, removing the plate, flipping the latch bolt, and re-attaching the plate.

I also discovered that mortise locks aren’t knob specific.  My Ebay knobs and plates came with a mortise lock and I thought I’d have to use them.  They, unfortunately, were thicker than the ones existing in the doors and I thought I’d have to chisel the channel wider risking damaging the door.  Before investing in a set of chisels I decided to try the plate and knob in the existing mortise lock and to my pleasant surprise it worked.



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