20181115_12135548 hours from move in day I spent my first night in my home.  I got my much-anticipated king size bed purposely delivered on Thursday, so I could have a night or two alone before hosting my first house guest, my father, who arrived on Friday.  He had planned to return for Thanksgiving, but when we booked his flight I had not listed my house and no way of knowing I’d be moving out and closing on the house he built during his visit.

When I say there will be no Fixer Upper reveal I am not kidding.  Despite my most gallant efforts and even paying skilled labor I moved in without a functioning kitchen or bathroom and a very drafty front door.  I have many post to put up: flooring refinish, more paint, cabinet install, hot water access, but I wanted to share the move-in.

My master suite is my oasis.  I have always wanted a king size bed, so part of my house search was finding a house with a bedroom that would be large enough to accommodate one.  The attic space of my house was screaming king size bed, so now it was just a matter of finding one.  Off and on over the last year I’d stop in at various mattress stores and try out beds.  My current bed is a hybrid, but I’ve been focused on foam as push come to shove (literally) to get the king up the steps it may have to be folded.  Removing the door leading to the attic space was definitely a good and needed decision.

I gained about 20″ in the height of the opening.  The two men delivering the mattress got it upstairs in relative ease.

I selected a Tempur-Pedic Adapt Medium mattress.  I LOVE IT!  I splurged and got an adjustable bed frame.  OMG how did I sleep without it. There is a preset zero gravity button that tilts your head and feet in a position that is supposed to relieve pressure off your joints……yeah it does!  An in-store promotion netted me $300 in free accessories, so I added two king size Tempur-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillows.  It seemed counter-intuitive that a pillow that hard could be that soft and comfortable, but it is.  Most of my nightly tossing and turning is due to a hot pillow, even in winter, so I love that this pillow stays cool all the time.

I went with Two Men and a Truck for the move.  Insulation install in the heat and moving in the cold/rain are two things I hope to never do again.  Thankfully the crew (Kris and Aaron) didn’t mind and their performance was absolutely stellar.  They wrapped things I didn’t think necessary and had me loaded, moved, and unloaded in about 5 hours.  I must admit I shed a couple of tears when they first started.  My only regret was not being 100% packed for them.  I rented a U-Haul van for the last few remaining items that really weren’t a few.  It took me 3 trips with the van.  I was miserable tired by the end of Sunday.

While kitchen cabinets are up, I had no appliances for the first weekend and will not have a kitchen sink until Monday, which meant the dishwasher could not be connected.  As shared above I don’t have a functioning bathroom, so former neighbors and friends have been letting me shower at their homes.  None of the closets have been dressed (shelves, poles, etc installed), so I can’t put things away.

It’s been a rough start to my new journey, but I’m thankful it is finally underway.

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  1. Well done Venus 😄truly a courageous journey and your perseverance is unmatched ❄️peace and joy for the holidays 🎄

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