My finished carpenter, Tom Milfeld, returned today and I finally have all of my cabinet hardware installed.  I had a theory on how to create a template out of some scrap wood, but had tremendous fear in trusting my measuring skills and drilling holes.  I told Tom I could forgive him if he drilled wrong, but I’m so hard on myself that I wouldn’t quickly forgive myself.  He put my plan into action and in about two hours had all my drawer pulls installed.  HEAVEN.  The knobs and pulls I got from the same company the cabinets came from, Ohio Valley Solid Surface.  Emily Womble, my sales rep, was a big help in steering me in the right direction on the hardware.  I had the mindset of putting a similar pull as to what is going on the restored built-in, which I’m so glad I did not do.  I selected Jeffrey Alexander, Tiffany Collection.  They look awesome; perfect complement to my bridge faucet from Signature Hardware.  I’m going to start calling myself an interior designer soon.

With that done he got to start on putting up the crown moulding.  I’ll have two levels of moulding that will go all the way to the ceiling.

Tom decided to start with the single small cabinet.  He got the first layer on with no issues.  His measuring skills are always right on point.  This is a flat piece that just needed a simple 45 degree angle cut to allow the corners to meet.  The actual crown piece poses more of a challenge as it comes off at an angle creating a compound miter cut.  He had the perfect tool and made it look super simple.  He intentionally cut the length over, so had to make a few trips down to the basement.  He decided to glue and pin nail the corner, which needed to dry before it could be hung.  He’ll finish up next weekend.

Since the rain held off today, I also got the flood light replaced on the outside, so now I’m ready for my electrical inspection.  My electrician recommended a unit from RAB Lighting, which I was able to pick up from Richard’s Electric.  I got the STL110HW model and unlike Ring it works from 13 feet off the ground.  Piece of cake to install thanks to a hanging hook, so I never felt I was in danger of falling off the ladder.  Today was a GOOD DAY!


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