My feature image my look like a pile a junk wood (it is), but what you don’t see are two pallets that were set out for trash that once held piles of moulding.  Santa brought me a burst of energy and I am now 3 doors away from a 100% complete interior.

All of the 5″ floor moulding is in place.  The gap moulding (not sure what it is really called, but the thin strip next to the floor) is in everywhere except where a door needs to be installed.  I am so proud to share that every room with unpainted moulding has moulding original to the house.  I thought I would need to buy new moulding for the guest bedroom because my memory from taking it down was that it was not usable due to the fire damage.  So wrong.  I just had to cut out a larger patch where the outlet that caused the fire was located and scrap away some of the charring.

The walls separating the dining from living rooms needed moulding left over from upstairs, so it took the most work because it had to be sanded down and stained to match downstairs.  The only large piece missing was the closet wall in the office and it took a patch of two pieces from upstairs to make it work.

Now I’m no professional finished carpenter, but I can’t label myself an amateur anymore either.  The only areas that gave me trouble were the openings where I had 45 degree miter cuts on both ends.  I mis-cut 4 of the 5.  Thank God for spare moulding.

20191214_234207I said in my I Would Buy Stock in Howard Products post that I wouldn’t write much with the finished moulding post since the process for restoring the wood was covered, so, here are the pics that got me to this point.

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