Five years ago when I decided to walk away from a paycheck, health insurance, life insurance to pursue self-employment I never considered the ramifications as it related to banks and loans.  I have been able to maintain the lifestyle I had while traditionally employed.  I’ve paid my taxes.  Paid my bills.  I understood the debt to income ratio when I still had a mortgage, but I’m mortgage free now and if my car hadn’t died I’d have less than $10k in total debt.  I understood the lack of collateral in the house before I spent 2 years restoring it, but I don’t understand what is happening now.  I’ve been turned down again on a loan for the following as sent by email from the loan officer:

Venus, thanks for these (I sent him my 2019 1099s). Underwriting took a look at what you had previously sent, and still denied the loan. I had resubmitted it, and it was reviewed again by another underwriter. For reasons beyond my pay grade or understanding, the loan has been denied a second time. When I asked why, I was told  the 1099 income is considered inconsistent. I was given no other explanation. If you’d like to speak to someone about this, Rick Burkhardt is our Bank President, at 513-842-8900. I’m sorry I couldn’t make this work for you. I have a lot of respect for you and the job you’ve done on your house, and I have no doubt that you will get a loan in the future. I’m just sorry it wasn’t with us.”  F%*k Guardian Savings Bank.


  1. Venus, I’m sorry you’re feeling so badly right now. I’ve never known anyone that took on such a big project and accomplished so much. I know you feel defeated right now, but things will get better.

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