Happy Easter Everyone. Today feels so surreal. Merriam-Webster defines surreal as marked by the intense irrational reality of a dream also : UNBELIEVABLE. I wish these times we are living in were just a dream, but the reality is we are all enduring an event that is disrupting and devastating lives with no signs of discrimination. I do hope all of you that honor me by reading my posts, are doing well, staying positive, and staying safe by embracing social distancing. As a single person, I can tell you its hard, so I guess I’ll give thanks to the City of Cincinnati citation for giving me a project to help occupy my time and give me a reason to get outside.

I’m so glad I tinted the primer to Lullaby, my first and the polls choice, of color for my foundation. I love blue, but Lullaby was too blue or the wrong shade of blue; powder, baby blue. It most certainly didn’t look that blue in the coordinating colors page for Sea Serpent, my eventual house color and the dark patch you see in the pics. With storms in the forecast for Sunday evening and a cold front following for several days after, Saturday was my day to apply the final coat, tinted in Uncertain Gray.  On my house it actually looks more like what I thought Lullaby would be.

It took me roughly 8 hours and almost two gallons of Sherwin-Williams Emerald exterior, in flat, paint.  The Ridge Ave Sherwin-Williams store is now my store of choice and Greg, their manager, helped me decipher through the different exterior products SW offers.  Emerald is towards the top of their line, actually used to restore the famed LA Hollywood sign.  I guess since I have confidence in my DIY skills, I don’t mind buying a higher end paint, which was on sale 30% off (BTW I’ve never paid full price for any of Sherwin-Williams paints; always catching a 30% or 40% off sale).  I expect my paint job to have the same long-lasting endurance as what a professional paint job would have.  I applied this and the primer with a 3/4″ nap, 9″ roller and a 3″ angled synthetic paint brush.  I’m ready to move some dirt!

Next up on the citation addressing list is the metal flashing that is on all four sides of house.  I will get it scraped, put a rust inhibitor where needed and primed with metal primer.  Lots of sweat equity, but should be less than $20 in cost of materials.

Drip Seal


  1. Didn’t take you long to get that painting is finished. Makes a huge difference. Looks good

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