Twelve years ago I met and became friends with a beautiful soul, Norma Petersen.  She passed away a few years ago in her 90s, but I remain friends with her even more beautiful family.  Her son Steve Petersen is my real estate agent; he helped me sell my childhood house and worked with me for almost a year before I found my current home.  His daughter Anna is the talented welder that helped me save my vintage cement basement sink.

Norma with Adam and SusanCovid-19 is slowing down my projects and thus posts, so I thought I’d share something that I hope you’ll find even more uplifting.  Steve’s wife Susan is a cellist with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and their son Adam is a gifted musician and graduate of the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music.  I’ve had the pleasure of hearing this duo live when they played at Norma’s 85th birthday party.  In our forced state of Stay at Home, they’ve gotten together to share their talents, I’m sure, to spread joy to all that are missing live classical performances.  This is their rendition of Chopin Cello Sonata, Op 65, Adagio.  ENJOY!

If you would like to hear more music from this fabulous mother son duo they released a CD in 2014 called Swan Song; music inspired by the great cellist Pablo Casals and his famous recordings of some of the most treasured pieces in the cello repertoire.

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