20171119_143938Today, while my framing tutorial from my dad was still fresh on my mind, I set out to build the frame for the new door I purchased to increase the opening leading up to the master suite.  As I mentioned in the Doors, Doors, Doors post, I’ve hit my head several times coming down the stairs, so I was excited when I found this 30″ wide door at Building Valu that would give me additional head room.

However, after I removed the lathe and existing frame from above the current door opening I am having serious second thoughts about having a door at all.  By losing the door I gain about 20″ in additional height.  I will also gain about 3″ in additional width if I remove the existing frame sides.

Since starting my blog I have had over 2,000 hits and I have 27 followers, so I’m going to ask for opinions.  Should I have a door to close off the master suite or should I leave it open.  Sorry, I never took a picture to show the opening with the door.  The best picture to see the opening with the lathe is the Open Concept post (look on the left side of pic).  Without the door those steps, once refinished, would be worth showing off and the natural light from the window at the top of the stairs would cascade down.  Plus I gain wall space.  I’d probably never have the door closed.  One thought to have it is to filter out noise from house guest.  At my age any house guest I’d have wouldn’t make excessive noise.  Privacy isn’t an issue because you can’t see into the master suite from the bottom of the steps.  Sooooo, unless I can be given some serious arguments for keeping it, I think the answer is………leave the stairway exposed.



  1. I’d leave the stairs exposed and not put up the door if privacy isn’t an issue. If you change your mind later, you can go back and add the door.

    1. The original door will replace the damaged entry foyer closet door. I think I’ll see if Building Valu will let me return it or try and sell it on Ebay. Although it could make for a cool flip coffee table. Hmmm may have to take it to basement and save for me pending workshop.

  2. I would put the doors back just raise them up for two reasons. One would be in winter time when you got the heat on you can close the door so the upstairs doesn’t get too hot. The second reason would be for safety. It would act as a fire break in the event something happened and had a fire downstairs, it would give you more time to escape. Just my thought.

    1. Door is gone. I’ve lived in a house for 42 years with the steps leading to upstairs void of a door. If the HVAC company does their job right upstairs won’t be too hot.

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