Weeks after Demo Days I received two additional invoices (actually receipts because they kept my credit card on file and charged it) from Budget Dumpster for overage on my dumpsters.  The first weighed in at over 9 tons, so they charged me an additional $257.50 for being over the 5 ton limit.  The second dumpster was over 12 tons, so they charged me an additional $359.50.  In essence by using this rip-off dumpster BROKER company I paid for three dumpsters.

Here is why I say rip-off.  On their website, when I typed in my zip code, it states that a 40 yard construction dumpster has a weight limit of 20000 lbs.  At the time I did not do the math to realize that equates to 10 tons.  When I spoke to the person I was told the dumpster had a 5 ton limit and this was placed on my receipt.  I made it clear to the person that I was doing demo at a house, removing plaster and lathe.  They did not make it clear to me that they were only a broker and never told me that the actual company delivering the dumpster was limited to 5 tons even though their website states 10 tons.  I had no idea the weight involved with demoing, so had no reason to question the 5 ton limit  Actually I did, but their suggestion was increasing from a 30 to 40 yard dumpster, the largest and most expensive.  I hoped one would be enough.  We completely filled two of them.

As for the company that actually delivered the dumpster, Best Hauling, I called them directly and told them the project and they immediately said they don’t handle that weight limit and referred me to another company.  What is interesting to me is they had no problem picking up the overweight dumpsters, so it makes me wonder if they are part of the bait and switch scheme of Budget Dumpster.  If 5 tons was truly their limit after they picked up the first dumpster they should/could have said it surpassed the weight limit and not provided a second.

I’ve filed a dispute with my credit card company after speaking with Budget Dumpster’s billing department, which refused to void the charges.  They claim they have audio recordings of my being told of the limit (I don’t dispute that) and that it was also on my receipt.

Based on my dad’s suggestion I have decided to remove the ceilings I left in place in three of the rooms, so more demo in my future.  What won’t be in my future is Budget Dumpster and I hope this posting saves anyone else that may come across this company as they broker country-wide. @budget.dumpster, @budgetdumpster, #budgetdumpterRIPOFF!!!

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