Temps in the high 40s and holiday shut down for most of my clients means this is a good week to work at my house.  Per my dads suggestion I have decided to remove more of the lathe and add the furring strips where needed directly to the vertical studs.  I decided to focus on the upstairs as I’d really like to get that area completed (as far as what I can do) and drywall ready.  Part of that is laying flooring in the new linen closet.  I’m daunted by that task, so for the last two days I decided to repair the floors in the master bedroom area.  That area is part of the quote I received from my floor guy.  There was a whole left from the 20171106_133211.jpgremoval of the radiator and in between two boards there was a huge gap from where one board had a good chunk missing.  I forgot to take before pictures, but this one allows you to see the gap (see bottom, towards left of pic).


Now a normal person who has never patched a wood floor would probably start in the linen closet, which for the most part will be seldom seen and behind a closed-door.  I’m not normal.  I decided to start with a repair that is in the middle of a room and in full sight at all times.  No worries, I have been armed with an abundance of Rehab Addict episodes where @NicoleCurtisRehabAddict repairs hardwood floors in far worse shape than mine and several viewings of YouTube video from This Old House “How to Patch Strip Flooring“.  If I must say so myself, I didn’t do too bad.

I am still daunted by the linen closet and I’m going to get a quote from my flooring guy for him to do it (that wasn’t part of his original quote as at the time there was no plan for a linen closet in that area and I had hoped the floor would have been continued behind the wall that was removed).  I weigh time and money in most things I do.  It took me about 6 hours to patch that small section of floor.  My favorite quote in describing my skill set when people ask me to do projects for them is “I’m not proficient, so I’m not efficient”.  It may be worth saving my time and paying the expert.  I’m glad I tried it and at least know that in a pinch I can again.  I can’t wait to get the water on so I can mop these floors to get an even better sense of what they will look like.  My friend Joan shared some pics of a business in OTR that took epoxy resin and filled imperfections in their flooring.  Even with the patch there are a few areas upstairs I will need to do that and definitely some areas in kitchen.

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