Today I got to go see my stained glass window.  It is beautiful.  The team at Architectural   Art Glass Studio did an awesome job.   I wish I could find a descendent from the original owners of my house to find out the meaning/purpose behind the design they chose.

AAGS is going to store this for me until I’m ready to have it re-hung.  I can’t wait because it will mean I’m ready to move in!

UPDATE ON LEAD PIPES:  I’ve decided to move forward with the City’s contractor and take advantage of the their Lead Service Line Replacement Program (LSLRP).  The supervisor for the program was nice enough to meet me at my house along with a representative from the company that will do the work and answer all my questions and concerns.  Really a no brainer given the cost overruns on this project.  Instead of taking a big hit now, I can spread this cost out over the next 10 years.  I signed the paperwork today, so once processed their crew will start the work.  I should have running water by mid April.  Looking foward to saying goodbye to my Pee Pot.20171009_114514



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