When you control the camera you don’t get photographed, so in case anyone wonders if I am really putting in “sweat equity” my father took pictures of me while he and I worked on the master suite bathroom.

First up was laying the cement board down in the area that will house the tub.  Simple cuts, only had to work around one air vent.

Today we tackled framing the master shower.  I’m grinning as I write this just thinking about how awesome this master bath is going to be.  The space is larger than my current bedroom.  NONE of my vision would be possible if I were not doing the work myself.  I couldn’t afford to pay a professional contractor to do what I’m accomplishing with the help of my father.

With plumbing rough-in underway I had to commit to a shower design, so the drain location could be planned.  My father sketched out what he thought would be best, I agreed, so today we tackled putting his plan into reality.   The footprint of the shower area is 68″ x 68″.  The back wall (wall next to tub) will be glass resting on a 30″ tall wall that will be covered in ceramic tile.  In front of that wall is a 64″ wide bench at a comfort height.  I can extend my legs fully and not touch the other side.  The small window you see on the left will be enclosed in the shower.  I’ve never lived in a house that had a window in the bathroom.  I’ll have 5 in this one.

I can’t wait to start laying tile.


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