It’s been a rough couple of weeks dealing with and recovering from some bad choices in contractors, so I needed a good day and good experiences with the ones that worked at the house on Friday.  It was a sunny day and Cincinnati Glass Block and Adleta were shining bright; both performing magnificently!

More windows and these look gorgeous, I can’t be more pleased with the work performed by Cincinnati Glass Block.  Their crew of two arrived early for my 9a appointment and had my 10 basement windows installed within a couple of hours.  It is so nice to have more natural light flooding into the basement.  These windows appear to be larger than the three panel sashes they replaced.  At least half of the windows in the basement were boarded up.  They look awesome and complement the 1st floor windows installed last week.




Adleta is the contractor for Greater Cincinnati Water Works that is replacing my lead water lines and stolen water meter.  Friday was day one of two to get me one step closer to running water.  The crew was awesome.  They were professional and truly skilled. They graciously took out the sidewalk 20180413_093320that leads to nowhere in the front of my house for me.  My back will be forever grateful as that was another project I was going to tackle with my cousin Cameron.  I’ll post a Quik video next week once all their work is complete.

I also reached a new milestone, my electric was finally turned on.  Duke Energy completed their end of the service that allowed me to have power to the new electric panel I had installed a few weeks ago.  Between the rainy weather and my paperwork getting mysteriously or conveniently lost, what should have taken up to 10 business days turned into almost a month.  So glad to have that chapter closed.  With electric turned on I guess I can say I see light at the end of the tunnel.


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