I attend Vineyard Church and on the occasion of the 1st Sunday of a new series a group of us will follow the 9am service with breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  After updating everyone about my house one member, Javonna, shared that she had a friend remodeling a room in their home and before closing up the walls each family member wrote a scripture in the wall cavity.  I loved that idea, so as I near the completion of the plumbing and electric rough-in I scheduled a Bless This House Gathering for this past Sunday.

The weather was awful, it rained all day and was gloomy, but the support and love that was inside my home warmed the interior as if the sun was shinning bright.  I actually feel as if  heaven thought it appropriate to baptize my home for the occasion.  Old friends, new friends, and family came out in support and filled my walls with scriptures and words of encouragement.  I’m looking forward to hanging drywall just so I can stumble across more well wishes that I did not find in creating this video:

Bless this House

My friend Carolyn Wallace, owner of Perfect Brew Catering, provided the food.  Being the extraordinaire caterer that she is, she added warm apple cider to the menu, perfect for the chill in the air.  I had an absolute ball giving tours and sharing how I was making my original vision for the house come to life.  I even allowed my guest to weigh in on which countertop I should select for my kitchen.  My mind is pretty well made up, but it was great to have such strong feedback.

My friends Kyle and Bethany Bradford gave me the wonderful HOME door mat.   They think of everything.  Kyle is the owner of 3S Sales and Service, a fire and safety protection equipment supplier.  He gave me two fire extinguishers when I first bought the house.  I can’t wait to place the mat permanently out front and hope I’ll never have to use the extinguishers 😊


  1. I continue to enjoy following your journey. Bless This House is a beautiful idea … the video was awesome. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. I am smiling as I read this. Such a joy to be part of such a wonderful gathering on Sunday!!!!

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