Today Adleta finished the work to remove the lead line leading into my house and connect the water meter.  The work had an extra element to it as U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt was on hand to watch the festivities.  I was not let in on the planned visit, but my father knew immediately who he was when he walked to my front yard.  I had no idea, but clearly when 20+ people were suddenly on hand just to see a lead line be pulled from the ground and secret service people were poised at the corners of my street someone high-profile was on hand.

Apparently I am one of the first city residents to sign up for the Lead Service Line Replacement Program (LSLRP) offered by the Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW).  The program consists of removing all known lead service lines located within the City of Cincinnati.  To assist in accomplishing that goal, GCWW has established a cost sharing and a property assessment incentive.  The new program is gaining national attention and is quickly being recognized as a model for other water utilities.  They certainly made it a no brainer for me to jump on board and with the professionalism shown by Adleta they picked a great company to do the work.

The three primary guys on the crew doing the work were just awesome!  The most friendly, all about business, but know how to have fun crew you could meet.  As I shared previously they removed my sidewalk to nowhere for me, they graded the front well enough that I can probably just throw seed and straw, they finished my PEX connection to the meter and even connected the ground-line from my electric panel box, so I won’t have to call JTL Electric to complete that final step of his work.  Signing up for the LSLRP program was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made in the restoring my home.

Check out this video I made:

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