After 3 failed attempts to pass my plumbing rough-in inspection I decided to take advantage of a “consultation” visit by The Inspection Bureau (IBI) Cincinnati.  They perform all of the electrical inspections and plan review for the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.  As my father and I near the end of wiring my home I wanted to increase my chances of passing the electrical rough-in on the first try, so taking advantage of their consultation service seemed like the smart thing to do.

CJ (who signed my wall) walked through each room.  We were only missing 4 required outlets.  In my junction box in the basement we had removed a knock out that was next to a wood joist.  We will need to plug that so the wood would not be exposed to the wires.  Also I had gotten the wrong ceiling fan boxes (can’t wait to take them back to Home Depot to let them know what they are selling as ceiling fan boxes don’t meet code). He let us know that we had actually exceeded the requirements in some areas where we ran 12 gauge wires instead of 14.  He was VERY complimentary of the work that had been done, much to the delight of my father who is the mastermind behind everything that has been done since I fired the 2nd electrician.

My father returned to Cincinnati on Friday and we spent all day Saturday and Sunday pulling wire.  Since we went straight from winter to summer the attic space, my master suite, has been stifling hot.  Almost unbearable and unfortunately that space needed the most wires pulled.  I know I’ve lost another 5 lbs, dripping sweat (yes Julie Hill, dripping sweat) down my back, chest, chin like a water faucet.  Pulling wires through the ceiling has been grueling.  My arms and back burn and ache at levels that made the demolition work seem like child’s play.

20180521_193307While pulling the wires needed to run the exhaust fan in the water closet I ran across a new message that I had not seen from my Bless My Home gathering.  Thanks to whomever added this message.  It was the exact boost I needed to get through another difficult day.


Fingers crossed we’ll be ready for the real inspection on Friday!


  1. Hey Venus!! I tracked you down in hopes of buying the house in Camp Washington and stumbled upon this blog. I am inspired by your relationship with your dad as well as your will to take things into your own hands. I’d like to meet you one day and network with you on some real estate topics. Keep doing your thing!!!

  2. Keep up the amazing work! Just remember the second time it will be so much easier! 🙂 hA!

    1. Thanks. I do hope there is a next time, but I also hope to not do so much of the work myself. I am getting the work out of my life.

  3. Venus,
    You always have been a go-gether! You’ve allowed NOTHING to stand in your way. I admire your persistence and dedication to whatever you set out to do. It was a pleasure working beside you in previous now, and now an even greater pleasure to watch your progress.
    Best of luck my dear friend.
    Brenda Neal

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