My DIY pallet throne, five gallon bucket with snap on toilet seat, and Double Doodie bags have served me well since I purchased the house in October 2017.  We had a strict rule that unless it was a dire emergency that would not allow you to reach a public restroom, this set up was for #1 business ONLY.  With the passing of my plumbing rough-20171009_114454in inspection it was time for an upgrade. 20170727_145905My plumbing inspector told me it was OK to reinstall the toilet in the basement.  When I bought the house there was just a hole in the floor surrounded by two partition walls made out of bead board.  That bead board will become my new master suite headboard, so for now I just have a toilet sitting in open space.

I ran the PEX line all by myself since my dad was back in Florida.  My goal was to have it installed before he returned, but I had my own business travel so he got to help with the toilet hookup.  As I said previously PEX pipe is a piece of cake to run and install.  The inspector suggested that I splice into one of my existing cold water lines, but I still had 4 empty slots on my manifold, so I gave this toilet a dedicated line.

Cement SinkWe will still need to rely on hand sanitizer until I can get my vintage cement sink connected to the drain line.  I’m having trouble finding the right fittings for the drain and the metal stand supporting it needs to be replaced.  I’m hopeful my cousin Cameron, who is in welding school, will be able to hook me up.

Next up is Do My Own Pest Control.  I plan on ordering something to spray in every cavity of that basement to rid the space of all the creepy 8 leg crawlers.  Their web homes are no longer welcomed.


  1. OMG! So glad the pee pot is gone! You are making progress, and it is looking good! Thanks for your continued blogging; we appreciate seeing the progress and feeling connected to your work. We talk about you often, sharing with others the work you are doing and the connection we feel with you. Proud to see you doing the work to restore a piece of our community as you create a very special home!
    -Cathy.B.Bailey, Greater Cincinnati Water Works

    1. Thanks for faithfully following. Now that my dad is back we are making great progress on the electric rough-in. I actually hope to schedule inspection on Monday. Hope more people are taking advantage of the City’s lead abatement program.

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