Wow, almost 10 months to finally be ready to close up the walls, but the time has come.  My father did the take-off and came up with a need for 200 sheets of drywall.  In the 80s my father had a construction business (Kent & Kent Construction) and he used M & M Drywall for all his houses.  They were a few hundred dollars cheaper than NextGen, which is located in Camp Washington.  Pennies are counting now with this project.

I could not believe it when the truck pulled up with just one person on board. They advertise that they will load your order in your structure, so I had not lined up anyone to help get the drywall inside.  Ed, the driver, did it all by himself.  Amazing especially after he shared he had just returned to work after suffering a heart attack and having open heart surgery.  I called myself trying to help, but I was just in his way.  He had the entire truck unloaded in less than two hours.





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