My house had a few original light fixtures that I hoped I could have rewired to reuse.

In a previous post, By Gosh It Worked and Surprise, Surprise, Surprise, I showed how well some of them cleaned up and revealed a beautiful gold finish.  I asked my friend Joan, who owns an older building in OTR, if she knew any places that fixed old lights and 20180707_141640she referred me to Mark Gable, Gable Electric and Lamps.  They specialize in antique lamps, refurbished electrical fixtures, lampshades, Tiffany lights, lamp parts, lamp repair, circuit breakers and have been in business over 70 years.  They are located on the west side of Cincinnati near Camp Washington at 2034 Harrison Ave, Cincinnati OH 45214.  Mark is passionate about restoring old lights.

He did an AWESOME job.  I can’t wait to get paint on the walls, so I can hang them up.

There are four of this one.  All will be returned to their original location ; two in master bedroom and two in 1st floor hall.

This is my favorite.  I could not believe this was under years of soot, cobwebs, and nicotine.  It hung to light the steps leading to the attic space and will return to that location to light my way to my master suite.

This fixture was located in what will now be the Master bathroom.  I will let it be the light in the master laundry.

This fixture was located in what will now be my office.  It will be my rear foyer light as I am putting ceiling fans in all bedrooms.

There are five of these.  They were originally located in the living room and based on the empty holes in walls there were once seven of them.  I will relocate them in the dining room.

I will use various styles of vintage bulbs to complete restoration.

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  1. Hi, Venus:

    Thanks for sharing this post about lighting. I have an old crystal chandelier of my grandparents which I don’t really have any place for now, but I like knowing about Gable’s in case I decide to give it to any of my nieces.

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