The light fixture was too high.  I knew it as soon as I hung the light.  It bugged me every time I entered the room, so I lowered it.  Yes the wall had already been primed and painted, but for only $5.33 (price of a 2’x2′ piece of patch drywall) and some time I was able to put the light at the right height in relation to the sliding mirror that will cover the medicine cabinet.

20180916_140803Because my father and I had run the electric wires I knew I had enough wire to drop the light.  With the help of my handy Walabot gadget, allows your Android phone to provide a visual of what is behind drywall or concrete walls, I was able to locate the studs and I cut out the section of drywall.  The light needed to drop 8″.

As I did not 20180916_165118want to disrupt the seam where the wall meets the ceiling, my top cut fell right at the top of the light fixture, causing me to not have an anchor point at the top.  No worries I attached a 2×4 at the top before placing the new drywall, so I could anchor with screws.

From this point, this is where my skill set gets dicey.  The drywall crew left plenty of plaster supplies, four different types of plaster, but I did not have the proper trowel to apply it and I opted to not buy one.  Instead I used one that was only 5″ wide and the flat side of the trowel I use for thin set.  Knowing that I’d need at least two coats, I mixed and applied Ready Sand 5 for the first coat.  5 means it will set in 5 minutes and it really does.  As you can see from the pic I was only able to apply about half of what I mixed before it hardened.

For the second coat I used Easy Sand 90 and ended up with too much mixed.  It was very humid when I applied the product, so it did not dry on the wall as fast as I thought it would.  I will need to sand and possibly apply a 3rd coat if the wall doesn’t feel flat/even, but all in all once I prime, paint, and rehang the light you’ll never know aside from reading this post.

In addition to working on this, my friend Joan stopped by again and we applied primer paint in my office and dining room.  The office is complete and ready for its Sherwin William’s Passive, another color from the 2017 HGTV Urban Giveaway.  We got about 1/2 of the dining room complete before we lost our mojo.  Priming is an easy job with two people.  One cutting the corners and the other rolling.  If I can get a partner for the remaining rooms I could have whole house done by end of next week.

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