After applying fresh primer coat could I tell it was not going to be a perfect patch, yes.  Can I live with it, ABSOLUTELY!!  The mistake I made was using the 5 East Sand for the first coat.  That stuff set so fast that I didn’t have time to smooth out and flatten the cut line to the left side of the hole.  There is a bump.  I tried sanding it away, but I actually applied too much plaster under the paper tape, so sanding only revealed the tape.  I could have started over, but I needed to get this done so I could move on to MANY other more pressing projects.

The only casualty was a light bulb, which was accidentally stepped on by a contractor.  The 6-8″ that I lowered the light will make a huge difference once the mirror is hung and I can’t wait to show off that DIY project. With that annoyance behind me I can now focus on getting that bathroom functional.  With the light fixture back in place and functioning (minus a light bulb) I turned my attention to applying the waterproof membrane paint, RedGard, to the floor.

Once the second coat turns bright red I’ll be able to finally start putting the tile on the floor, followed by tile on the walls, followed by installing the sink and toilet.  This room has come a long way from this.20171009_114454

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