The two-man crew from Baker, Bauer, and Fish, my HVAC company, have been busy this week installing the remaining air ducts and Armstrong Air furnace unit in my basement.  It meant I needed to get back to patching floors on the first floor, so they could install the remaining air vents.  There are several areas in the kitchen that need patching, but the three pieces next to the rear wall were first priority due to the kitchen vent location.


Thanks to my neighbor Bill, the flooring I had left over from upstairs was ripped down to the right width to be used downstairs.  Both floors are pine, but the upstairs floors had wider planks than down.  I am really enjoying this newfound skill set. Patching floors is fun and for a rookie I do a pretty good job.  Too bad most of that patch will be covered by the kitchen cabinets.

It’s really amazing watching how they ran these lines.  I really hope this old house is the first of many I’ll work on (I want to be the Nicole Curtis of Camp Washington), but I wonder how central air/heat would be possible if I had not taken my house down to the studs.  I’ve taken on a lot myself, but I am certainly grateful to have Baker, Bauer, and Fish handling this project for me.  Tom Bauer has been fabulous to work with.

The thermostat has been hung in the living room and I’ve been told that I can actually run the fan now.  With the windows open the unit will pull air and circulate it throughout the house.  That will be needed as until I can get my backyard graded to slope 20180723_152003away from my house I am not going to have the unit for air conditioning installed.  It will be placed near the fence and although it may be hard to see from this photo, when it rains I get a large puddle that sits to the left of the steps.

I’ve been holding off having that work done in hopes that it can be done in conjunction with the building of the garage or at least with the pouring of the slab for it.  I unfortunately had a negative encounter with the architect that did my house plans, Sean Keith.  I paid him to do the plans for the garage and due to some personal challenges he’s experiencing he never produced them, nor returned the fee I paid.  Thankfully Couper Gardiner with M.Arch stepped in and completed the plans.



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