I found a great couple, Bob & Trish Roland, to refinish my hardwood floors.  The rehab business in Cincinnati is booming and everyone good is booked.  The earliest they could start is November 5th, so that gives me a firm deadline to get A LOT done.  I need to finish priming the first floor and paint all rooms, except 1st floor bath.  I can’t work on the guest bedroom until the last sheet of drywall is hung and taped.  That can’t happen until I have the master tub placed and connected and that can’t happen until the tile floor is laid…….whew!  Oh and I need to finish patching the pine floors in the kitchen……..HELP!

So where do I start, the Master Bath because I really wanted to see my mirror hanging on the wall.  I had originally planned to let Homestead Furniture make the mirror to match the vanity, but I thought that would be too much blue and wood.  I started searching on 20180823_211210.jpgthe Internet for mirrors and stumbled across the LED mirror featured above.  I then went on a business trip to Salt Lake City, Utah and my hotel room at Little America Hotel (great stay) had a similar mirror and that sealed the deal for me.  I did ask hotel management about the extra lights and was told they felt the mirror didn’t provide enough.  I wasn’t deterred.

I found my mirror on Amazon.  I wanted beveled glass, like the hotel mirror, but I saved about $400 on this flat glass mirror and I thought the mini magnified mirror would be awesome for those pesky chin hairs.  The mirror needed to be hard-wired and since this was not planned I had to call in my awesome electrician Mr. McGhee.  It also meant more wall patching before I could start painting.

With the electric run I completed the primer paint and the following day put Sherwin-Williams Icicle on all the walls except for the dormers.  An even, smooth primer coat I now know is a crucial step in the paint process.  When the Icicle hit an area where the primer was missing or too thin the color was altered in that spot.  After the first coat the room looked like I had painted clouds.  I had not planned on two coats (two weren’t needed in 1st floor bath), so I had to buy another gallon of paint.  I only needed about 1/4 of the 2nd gallon, so I decided to paint the laundry room and storage areas in the master bedroom Icicle too.

The next day I started on the dormers with Sherwin-Williams Pacer White.  When I applied the color to wall I thought it was more beige than white and I panicked a bit. However, once it dried it lightened and I could not be more pleased with how the bathroom turned out.

Only painting left to do in the bath is the trim and that may happen after the floors.  I feel pretty confident I can protect the floors under the windows and doors when that is happening.  The floor trim needs to be painted same color and I haven’t purchased it yet, so another reason to hold off.  That will be painted in the basement and then mounted in place.

With the walls dried I could not wait to connect and hang the bathroom speakers.  I have to admit when the music filled the room it brought a smile to my face.  It’s pretty darn cool.  I also hung the exhaust fans, can lights, storage room lights, wall plates (except one near door trim), the vent grate the City Plumbing inspector suggested I add, and the first of the restored original light fixtures.  That light originally hung in the center of the room and now it is my laundry room light.

In regards to the LED mirror, the hotel was absolutely right about the mirror not giving out enough light. It’s more like a giant night-light.  A woman who wears makeup (not me) would not be happy with the lighting, so I plan to install a three light linear pendent light from the ceiling utilizing the light switch and electric that I had run originally.  I won’t do that until the vanity is installed as I want to position the light in the center of the sink.  Also the magnified mirror doesn’t magnify enough, so that was a bit of a let down.  I still love the mirror and can’t wait to see the vanity and sink installed.20181019_133945


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