With the walls complete in the master bath I moved on to the master bedroom.  Pinterest photos of painted attic spaces helped me decide to place Sherwin Williams Pacer 20181017_125405White in the closet, dormers, ceiling, and angled walls and Sherwin-Williams Indigo Batik on the vertical walls.  As I learned in the bath, a consistent, even, smooth primer coat is key.  As you can see by the dark spots on the walls, there were several areas I missed with the primer.  It’s hard to distinguish the white from drywall mud 20181019_155056.jpgand paint sometimes.  That picture was after one coat, still wet.  Even dry it was clear two coats would be needed.  I don’t cut well in painting, so having a dark color next to a light was a test for sure.  Most places I did OK, others I did not.  I think I’m going to lower my standards on this as I’ve got way too much else to do to correct them all.

With the paint dry I set out to hang more light fixtures, outlet covers and the speakers.  I really love this light I found for the master closet on LampsPlus.com.

Brass wall plates were used in the house originally, but only 8 were left.  I decided to put those upstairs where three of the original gold light fixtures are being returned.  I’m still amazed by what was under all that soot on these fixtures.

My mother was a collector of brass, so I love the idea of putting a small bit of her in this SWEET space.  I’ve named my house Janet or JT for those that knew her well.  The original face plates were for duplex outlets, but I found some brass ones for the Leviton Decora switches also.  I even found a brass cold air exchange register.  With the paint on the walls I was curious to see how the original wood trim would look next to the colors, so I went in the basement and found the wood for the trio of windows and the two dormers.  Once cleaned up the wood is going to look fabulous next to both colors, but doing that little exercise revealed to me more bad drywall installation that had to be addressed.

I’m not sure why they left these gaps on each side of this window, but the trim did not cover them.  Sadly, in hanging my favorite original light fixture I also got another sour taste of their poor routing around the gang boxes. In that regard I had to return all the standard size face plates for Midway (I refuse to go Jumbo), just to cover the gaps around some of the outlets.  Making these repairs cost me a half day, which is a half day I really couldn’t afford to loose.

Color on walls reveals imperfections.  Perhaps I should have paid the drywall crew the $1400 they wanted to apply the primer.  He said in doing so he could catch and correct all the imperfections not caught in final sanding.  I caught some at the primer stage and corrected.  More at the first coat and corrected, but those minor dings not caught after the final coat of paint I’m calling “character”.  After all JT is almost 100 years old.

20181021_190135The vintage, Edison, bulbs I put in the light fixtures give off a soft, warm, yellow glow.  At night the room won’t be bright.  It will feel tranquil and peaceful, exactly what a master retreat should be.  I made sure to get a soft warm light for the can light as well.  Hopefully the LED bulb in the ceiling fan will cast a warm light also, if not I will hunt down a suitable replacement.

I haven’t hung the fan as I discovered I didn’t like the size I had selected, 52″.  This is what I was advised by Keidel, based on the size of room.  They were so wrong, so I’m glad I didn’t purchase all the fans for the house or any from them.  I got the fan from Build.com and they allowed me to return it for a 60″.  I only lost $14 in return shipping, it shipped for free.  I’ll get a 60″ for the living room too.  Thankfully the same fan for the master came in the larger size as I really like that choice.  I didn’t get as lucky with the living room fan, but I found one I liked better and it will match, almost exactly the entry foyer light.  It came at a higher price tag though.

My awesome electrician, Mr. McGhee, is helping me with the fan install, so to not waste his trip I won’t hang the master until all the paint is finished downstairs to allow us to hang them all. He lets me be his apprentice.  I’ve never hung a ceiling fan, so can’t wait to learn.  Enjoy this 360 degree span of my master bedroom.


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