Barring any unforseen circumstances, ready or not, I will officially be a resident of Camp on November 19th.  If you walked in my house right now you’d scream NOT!!!!  Although I’m feeling totally overwhelmed I am energized by the reality of knowing I will finally get to call my labor of love home.  I listed Inner Circle on September 12 with Steve Petersen of Sibcy Cline.  After two public open houses, one agent open house, and 16 showings I received an offer on October 19th with a close request of December 6.  I thought, that’s plenty of time.  With the floor restoration starting on the 5th I could make that happen.

The home inspection took place on October 23rd.  Some issues were revealed and eight request were presented. We came to terms on 6 of 8, but the buyer added a request for an early close; November 19.  I agreed.  I’m so ready for my new chapter to begin and clearly my buyer is ready to start her’s too.  Needless to say work at my house is on overdrive.



  1. I’m sooooo proud of you! Congrats!
    Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. If comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.
    Keep overcoming!!!

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