One of the first people I called when I was thinking about buying my house was Toni Winston.  She was an instructor at a gym I use to patronize and also owner of Tiburon Energy.  Months before she shared with me some key tips about old houses and energy savings, so I wanted her input on Henshaw.  Turns out she had sold her company to Daryn Goulbourne, so she put me into contact with him.

Daryn took customer service to the highest extreme by not only selling his services but also putting me into contact with companies that could provide other services that I needed.  Before purchasing the house he must have made 5 trips to it, most not related to his services, just to help me put together a restoration budget.  I told him then that he’d be my insulation company when I came to that point.  Pre-renovation my plan was to do foam insulation through the entire house and blown-in in the attic space.  With cost overruns I was forced to scale back to fiberglass insulation, which I did myself.

However as promised I called Daryn to handle the attic space, but to also foam seal my basement.  My appointment was set for 9 am and they were Johnny on the spot.  I was actually late by 30 minutes and they waited.

With my speakers in the ceiling of my bedroom, I expressed concern over the insulation interfering with their function.  No worries as before they started the process one of the crew had the pleasure of crawling in that space to put a box around them.

You know you have a great company when the owner/boss can leave the site and the work still gets down correctly.  Daryn got his crew started.  They got busy and when he 20181030_205308returned he did his quality control check.  He also let me know how great a job my HVAC company, Baker, Bauer, and Fish, had done on the duct work.  The sealing around the ducts is first class.  Daryn said home owners don’t realize how much energy is lost through improperly sealed ducts.  He’s been in new construction homes where this work wasn’t done at all and it’s a service his company provides.  I loved hearing that as it confirms that I made a great choice in HVAC companies.

I noticed a difference in my house, especially the basement almost immediately.  I’ve been keeping my thermostat between 66 and 68 degrees, but now I fluctuate between 64 and 66 and I’m comfortable.  Granted I’m working in overdrive and creating a lot of body heat, but I know once I move in I’m going to see much lower heating and cooling bills from my old house.  I truly wish I could have foamed the whole house.





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