Last Sunday my two church pals, Bethany and Patty, were on the same brain wave when they both showed up with mini Christmas trees for me.  Given my state of disarray I had decided to forgo my Holiday Open House, which led to the decision not to pull out any of the holiday decorations that made the trek from Inner Circle.  However, with two cute and pre-lit trees on hand I was motivated to clear/clean spots because these trees weren’t the only gifts received for the season.

Only four pieces of furniture from my former living room do I plan to keep (brought sofa and loveseat, but will replace): a floor lamp, brass coffee table, blue sofa table, and fabric bench.  It’s really eerie how my mother’s items fit so well in this house.  I originally had planned to take the blue table upstairs, but per my father’s suggestion it fits perfectly in the dining room; a perfect complement to my kitchen cabinets.  It will be a great buffet station when I start entertaining.20181221_201342It is also the perfect home for Bethany’s tree and gathering spot for my Christmas gifts received from Diane Sphar of Ohio Travel Treasures (box), my neighbors across the street (sweet treats), and the light globe that cast holiday images in rotating colors from Carolyn Wallace.

20181222_182244Patty’s tree was narrow enough to fit on the mantle of the fireplace which was in pretty rough shape. I’ve done nothing to it since purchasing the house other than vacuuming the heavy dust and debris when needed.  Hard to capture in pictures, but at some point people curved in the face of it and there were a few gouges. Patty’s tree gave reason to finally address it, so I employed the same technique I used to restore two of my doors by cleaning the surface with denatured alcohol and steel wool, followed by a coat of Restor-a-Finish.

In my door refinish blog I stopped with these two steps, but they were done so long ago that already they seem dry and dull.  Restor-a-Finish states to NOT add poly on top of their product, so I saw in Home Depot Watco Rejuvenating oil and decided to try that.  After it dries for 72-hours they recommend adding a wax coat, which I may try later, but for now that mantle looks pretty darn good given the wear and tear it’s taken.  The carvings blend at a distance.

20181222_204604Joining Patty’s tree is another gift from Ohio Travel Treasures, the Believe in the Magic of Christmas sign, and a beautiful glass snowflake ornament, Swakovski Annual 2018 edition, given to me by my friend Kim Lukin.  I think Kim has posted the most comments on my blog.

Thanks to all for helping to make my first Christmas Merry and Bright!


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