I spent my first Christmas in my home installing the last of the light fixtures.  Funny for the past few years I sought out avenues to spend Christmas away from my house, but this year I had no desire to be any place else.

I can’t lay full claim to installing the ceiling fans.  My fabulous electrician, Mr. McGhee did the brunt work on them.  I put all but two together and hung them, but he did all the wiring.  My comfort level with wiring is when I have a ground, black, and white wire.  Ground to ground, white to white, black to black.  Cut off the power and I can wire that combination in my sleep.  There were a few more colors involved with fans, so I left that to him.

I purchased all the fans from Build.com.  The fans in the kitchen, office, and guest bedroom are the Supra series from MinkaAire.  I got 44″, oil rubbed bronze with school-house light kits with wall and hand held controls for the office and guest bedrooms.  The 20181222_205503light kit matches the glass shades of the bathroom light fixtures.  One would think I actually know how to design 😊.   I got a 32″, brushed steel, with universal light kit for the kitchen; wall control only.  I also installed the can lights in the kitchen.

Do you remember back in the day when we only had incandescent bulbs and you just needed to know your wattage?  Now there is halogen, LED, and lumens to deal with.  Well after a few tries in both the kitchen and living room I figured out 2700-3000 lumens is the soft, warm glow I was looking for in my can lights and I went with LED for energy efficiency.

The school-house globe theme continues in the living room and entry foyer.  The ceiling fan in the living room was the biggest splurge.  I originally had a 52″ Supra for this room, but discovered it was too small.  52″ is the largest that series goes, so I went back to the website and thankfully found an even more perfect fan, Fanimation C1 Distinction 60″.  It also comes in a 72″, but what made this fan cool is I was able to select a clear schoolhouse shade for its light kit, matching the clear globe of the entry foyer light (purchased from Lampsplus.com).  There goes that designer touch again. I love the modern spin of the clear globes accentuated with the LED Edison bulbs.

20181226_051828The ceiling fan in the master bedroom is a Kichler Starkk 60″  The Supra series did not offer a brass version, so I went with a different brand.  Again I had originally ordered a 52″ in this same model, but it was too small for the space.  Build.com is great with returns, very hassle free, and I get replacements fast.

The above just catches you up, enough about the new stuff.  Now for the old and how I actually spent Christmas.  I finally got to hang the remaining original light fixtures.  If you recall my post, The Old Become New, I had several light fixtures I was able to salvage and had restored by Gable Electric. I hung the last two brass fixtures, both returned to their original home, in the hallway and entry to 1st floor bathroom.

The featured picture is hanging in my rear foyer. That was the original ceiling light in the office.  I would have to imagine that same fixture was probably in the guest bedroom, but long gone by the time I took possession.

I have been buying bulbs from Bulbs.com for years for Inner Circle, so in my hunt for Edison bulbs I came across these Bulbrite 40W vintage oil lantern replica bulbs.  Lovely!  The bulbs in the brass fixtures I got from Amazon. Aspen Creative 10002 G30 Vintage Edison Filament 60 watt.



My dining room lights have to be my most favorite, now that they are installed.  These fixtures once hung in the living room.  Only 5 of what I assume was 8 were in the house when I purchased it.  Again in my search for nostalgic bulbs on Bulbs.com I came across Bulbrite Satin ThreadSpun Antique Decorative bulbs.  The “Spun Thread” design and satin color resemble the warm appearance of 19th century gas lights when lit, so I bit on the description and decided to give them a try.  Great decision.  The lights are on a dimmer switch and really look cool when dimmed.

The only lights left to install have not been purchased.  I need a pendant for kitchen and chandelier for the dining room.  I won’t get dining room until I finalize my table, so that light box will be capped for now.  I’m regretting not putting a can light over the peninsula in the kitchen as finding the right light has been difficult.  However, Lampsplus just sent me an email letting me know the price has dropped on a light I had been looking at (websites are such stalkers these days), so I think I just made up my mind.  Continuance of the school-house theme, Possini Euro Morris 9″ mini pendant.  Same brand as the entry foyer light.

In case you’re wondering why the schoolhouse theme.  1) it fits with the era of the house, but 2) and more significant to me is that my foundation was built and made strong by three teachers that have left an indelible mark on me:  my mother, Phyllis Gaston, and Jennifer Cottingham.  My mother and Mrs. Gaston have gone on to a greater place, but I hope Ms. Cottingham is doing well; I would love to find her and invite her to see what I’ve done.  If anyone out there knows a Jennifer Cottingham (she’d be in her mid 70s and last known address was in northern Kentucky) send me her contact info.

Last, but not least, I must update you on the natural light that is now pouring into my house.  The entry foyer stain glass window is back.  I still have work to do, staining the flexible molding and returning the frame, but having it back makes a world of difference to the front entry.








  1. Venus, you continue to do great work. I’m still excited to see your regular posts and follow along! Your light fixtures are very nice and I’m sure they accent each room perfectly. Happy Holidays!

  2. Venus the lights look super and I am sure you are again proud of your work. You continue to make positive progress toward achieving your goal and you will get there soon!

  3. The house looks beautiful. The lights add just the touch to being it back to yesteryear style. You should be proud to say I made this old house a home again. Your home.

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